James Smith, Chartered Accountant

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ISBN:  9781907302640

Keeping it Simple

Small Business Bookkeeping, Cashflow, Tax & VAT

By James Smith BSc ACA

This unique guide explains in detail everything you need to know about small business bookkeeping, self-assessment tax, accounting and VAT.

The latest edition has just been published (May 2012) and is completely up to date.

Part 1 covers bookkeeping and accounting – you’ll discover how to grow your business and save hundreds of pounds in accountancy fees by taking control of your income and expenses.

Part 2 shows you how simple it is to complete a business tax return, using real-life illustrations – after reading this section you’ll have a solid understanding of how your business is taxed.

Part 3 contains an indispenable guide to VAT – how to register, how to fill in your VAT return, how to exploit various concessions and pay less tax.

The new edition also contains a new 30-page section on how to improve cash flow in your business and boost your profits. The author reveals all the tricks you can use to keep the money rolling in, including billing tactics that ensure every invoice gets paid quickly... without upsetting your customers! This section is essential reading in the current economic climate.

Keeping it Simple is recommended reading for:

What Information is Contained in the Guide?

One of the great things about this guide is its incredibly straightforward approach. You will find out everything you need to know about small business accounting, self-assessment and VAT within a few hours. It contains many practical tips and examples which will make your business accounting easier than ever. Subjects covered include:

About the Author

The Author of Keeping it Simple is James Smith BSc FCA. James Smith is the author of several guides for small business owners and private individuals. He originally trained with KPMG, one of the largest accounting firms in the country, and now runs his own accounting practice based in Oxfordshire dealing predominantly with owner managed businesses and property tax.

What You Will Receive